Who is Deepika?

I am a Personal trainer who is also studying to be a Nutritionist at MNU. Optimum health and fitness is not something that can be achieved in an unrealistic 8-week/12-week challenge. Incorporating good habits in your daily routine should be the aim and that's what I excel at developing in my clients. I prioritise strength training for all my clients whether they want to lose weight or maintain it.


I studied Mathematics at university and previously worked in the same job for over 4.5 years where I was so miserable, depressed and unhappy. Strength training was one thing that pushed me, mentally and physically. By stepping out of my comfort zone, I learnt my true potential and now I am successfully running my own PT business in London. 


I can't fix all your problems, but I can give you the tools and knowledge to move into accomplishing greater things in your life without ever needing a Personal trainer again! No fad diets, no BS, only your own self-development by learning and implementing the fundamentals of training.


So, let me help and guide you wherever you are at in your fitness journey and welcome you to my community!


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